JD Jessica

Jan 22 2015

Angular, blocky type that's actually made of little diamonds patterns which produces this lovely dot pattern in it's negative space. (Did anyone follow that? I'm confusing, I know, just download the thing and find out for yourself.)

JD Jessica demo


Jan 18 2015

Making things happen today with the font Biko!

biko demo


Jan 18 2015

I have my New Years resolutions in writing now (in Arvil Sans and Grand Hotel fonts to be exact). There is no going back!

arvil grand hotel demo


Jan 18 2015

Happy New year! Keeping it fresh with a happy, poised serif. Although, the long overhanging arm on the "r" makes me a little uncomfortable. (oh well).

sail demo


Jan 18 2015

I basically had no choice but hot pink and bubble gum for such pretentious type. This font already knows everyone is head-over-heels in love with it. 

channel demo