Loxley + Masana

Jan 18 2015

I love literal type. A strong tall font for "big" and a tiny little script for "little." It's just all sorts of right in the world of font combinations!

loxley demo


Jan 15 2015

I’ve always loved these sweet lyrics from The Christmas Song. Drawing santa is way too much pressure—especially when all you need is a hat and beard for the visual queue. 

soymilk demo


Jan 15 2015

We all know I’m a sucker for a tall skinny font. And those dropped arms on the “E” and “F” — hello little loves!

canter demo


Jan 13 2015

Decided to stick to traditional Christmas berry and olive color scheme today. This font is large and in charge, and all sorts of fancy.

stilla demo

Norwester + Lobster 1.3

Jan 13 2015

Norwester and Lobster 1.3 are one of my all-time favorite type combinations. I love this mysterious gray (with a purple past)— it goes so well with any color palette. Especially this soft rusty orange and tan.

norwester lobster demo