Motion Picture

Jan 13 2015

A thick script font with just the right amount of curl. I loved using this font for some family reunion invitations I designed. White on kraft for the win! 

motion picture demo

Poetsen One

Jan 13 2015

A basic gray and soft red color palette because this font was screaming brush script vintage to me which meant a halftone pattern was in order. And of course, bacon. Why not?

poetsen one demo


Jan 13 2015

Such a powerful quote called for statue-strong type. Hello Duke! 

duke demo

Sticky Things

Jan 13 2015

I feel like brush scripts get a bad rap. But this font feels all sorts of right. Especially when we're talking about Mondays. I'll be honest. I did modify some of the letters to be less….brushy. (I have my reasons!) but honestly, I love the sense of hurried stroke in this font.

sticky things demo


Jan 13 2015

Scalloped slab serifs! Madfont, I'm so glad we met. (We all know wide-set font families are my personal love affair).

madfont demo