A simple soft red duo did the trick. Needed something bold and simple to let the type speak for itself.

arb demo

coral color palette

First off, Arb, thank you for lower and uppercase. And that inline type is all the rage (or is that just me?). There's just so much chunk to love in this font! It's a bit off-kilter, boosting all those fun filled vibes you're feeling right now (yes, you are). I love that the "Q" stole it's identity from the Mac's power button symbol. I love a clever thief. 

arb font family

The only hangup in this fonts line-up is that so-called question mark. How. Why. I can't even. Moving on…that exclamation mark is so chunky I want it as a life-size pillow for cuddling. Unless that's weird. 



Category: Sans Serif