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Green Thumb

Jan 9 2015

All the great hues from green and teals with a pop of a soft, subdued orange.

green thumb color palette

Baby Hues

Jan 3 2015

I love some peachy pink with a true blue — it's the perfect baby hues. 

baby hues color palette

Pastel Punch

Jan 2 2015

Added a yellow punch to the soft blue and neutrals. 

pastel punch color palette

Gray & Nude

Jan 2 2015

I had all hopes and intentions of this resembling a tender color palette for a little girl, but it ended up looking more like my grandma's bathroom. Either way, I'll take it.

Gray and nude color palette

Mustard & Blush

Jan 2 2015

 I love this gentle, muted color palette of mustard and blush. A touch of deep, almost-purple-navy adds just the right amount of power to this tender group of color swatches.

Mustard and blush color palette