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Lauren of Elle & Co. - Ribbon

Aug 25 2015

The one and only, energetic Ribbon font is perfection in this 'Create something original' print. Hello office inspiration!

elle and company

JD Jessica

Jan 22 2015

Angular, blocky type that's actually made of little diamonds patterns which produces this lovely dot pattern in it's negative space. (Did anyone follow that? I'm confusing, I know, just download the thing and find out for yourself.)

JD Jessica demo


Jan 13 2015

Scalloped slab serifs! Madfont, I'm so glad we met. (We all know wide-set font families are my personal love affair).

madfont demo 


Jan 9 2015

A deep teal and tan seemed so appetizing considering…cookies.

Nelma, how were you so sweetly, intricately, delicately devised? You are the lace of fabrics. The cherry on top, the cream of the crop! 

nelma demo 


Jan 2 2015

The dirty cream, dusty mint and muggy orange pull together quite nicely for slightly vintage color scheme. 

Silverfake demo

Silverfake is basically screaming at you with personality. It's perfect vintage cookie tin material (I will buy you, wherever you are). I feel like I'm always looking for a wide set font (sorry, not again Copperplate!) and this little type came to my rescue.