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Phyllissa Design - Futura Bold Condensed

Aug 19 2015

I’ll be honest, the Futura font has always been a bit too sharp and pointy for me (the caps, that is). I never gave the font much attention until I saw Phyllissa Design bring this Futura Bold Condensed font to life! Such perfect styling with exploding color!

futura bold condensed free download

Airship 27

Aug 14 2015

Wander far enough that you meet yourself. Roam with a hungry heart.

airship 27 free font download

Leah Bisch of Hatch & Mingle

Aug 5 2015

So excited to start off our designer feature series with Leah Bisch! She is the brains and skill behind her own stationery business, Hatch & Mingle (do yourself a favor and visit her stunning site, you’ll thank me later). I just love her design sense. She’s a type combination pro, and does so in all the right ways possible. I know, she’s dreamy.

invitation design


Jun 28 2015

 Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong.

economica free font


Jun 18 2015

Taking time for yourself isn't selfish, it's self-preservation. Be as good to yourself as you are to others and you'll start to really enjoy your own company.

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