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Theano Didot

Nov 3 2015

When I want to pretend like I’m fancy enough to throw a dinner party that needs 4 forks in one place setting…I use Theano Didot in the invitation. It looks more expensive and elite than I ever could be. Save this Theano Didot free font for something fancy!

Free font - Theano Didot. A great fancy free font for wedding invitations!


Jul 12 2015

They say the cure for anything is salt water—sweat, tears, or the sea. Let's start with the sea...and an umbrella in my drink! Anyone else wanting natures therapy?

barkentina free font download

Bedini Bold Italic

Apr 9 2015

Where are all my queens at?

Bedini free font download


Jan 18 2015

Happy New year! Keeping it fresh with a happy, poised serif. Although, the long overhanging arm on the "r" makes me a little uncomfortable. (oh well).

sail demo


Jan 13 2015

Decided to stick to traditional Christmas berry and olive color scheme today. This font is large and in charge, and all sorts of fancy.

stilla demo