Mar 30 2016

When I saw Keisha of Loving Littles Blog posted a mommy + me photoshoot of our tees I just HAD to share. 

Graphic tees from Tiny Love Design, a shop of type-inspired wears and prints for women and toddlers. Snag a 20% off discount code here!

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Three ways your font choice is making viewers question you as a brand

Nov 24 2015

There are many so options when it comes to choosing a font for your brand, it becomes overwhelming. There are a plenty of choices out there, but how do you know the good between the bad? I outlined a few reasons why your font is totally wrong for your brand in a past post here, so make sure you don’t already fall into those four pitfalls. It’s so important to learn how to find the right font for you, your brand and everything you both embody. But how do you know if your font is doing all the right things for you and your brand? I’ll show you.

Three things your font choice tells your audience—and it’s everything they need to know to never come back. If you’re serious in building your audience, it starts with your font. We’ve got three HUGE tips of advice on your font choice that will help earn the trust of your audience. Click here! Plus, dozens of FREE font downloads to get back on the right track.

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4 reasons your font is totally wrong for your brand

Nov 11 2015

At the broadest view, a brand is the way others perceive you and when people look at your brand, the first thing they see is your font. Typography is the very first impression that sets up your whole brand experience. Are you falling for these four pitfalls of having the wrong font for your brand?

A brand is the way others perceive you. And the first thing they see if your font. Don’t fall for these 4 pitfalls of having the wrong font for your brand. Click here to see tips and pointers to choosing the right font for your brand.

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Theano Didot

Nov 3 2015

When I want to pretend like I’m fancy enough to throw a dinner party that needs 4 forks in one place setting…I use Theano Didot in the invitation. It looks more expensive and elite than I ever could be. Save this Theano Didot free font for something fancy!

Free font - Theano Didot. A great fancy free font for wedding invitations!

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