The dirty cream, dusty mint and muggy orange pull together quite nicely for slightly vintage color scheme. 

silverfake demo

Silverfake is basically screaming at you with personality. It's perfect vintage cookie tin material (I will buy you, wherever you are).

orange and teal color palette

I feel like I'm always looking for a wide set font (sorry, not again Copperplate!) and this little type came to my rescue. Loving on the flat-topped "o" and the crisscross triangle in that "w". The "K" and "R" don't even care that they're only a three-legged slab-foot letter because the swoosh is so more much fun. Right?

silverfake font family

The numerals in this font are a bit underwhelming. Not that I have any better ideas I just…I can never get on board with numbers of varying baselines. That, and I miss the slab serif edges. How funky is that question mark?



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